Commercial Approach

Having led the architectural teams for international commercial projects totaling over $4.5B in construction value, Scott is adept at working with clients to meet their program, design objectives, budgets, schedules, and commercial goals.  The process of executing a project begins by exploring the points below:

Project Motivation
What are the primary motivations for your project?  Do you need to address a space crunch, increase brand recognition, or have happier and more productive employees?  Is your goal short- or long-term profit?  From your perspective, what already works, what doesn’t work, and what are your aspirations?

How long do you anticipate holding onto the property or occupying the space?  How important is future expansion?

Do you have a realistic budget?  Together we can establish one that prioritizes what is truly most important to you.

Related to budget, have you carefully considered the costs and benefits associated with size?  Does maximizing the zoning envelope always make sense?  Can an office space tenant decrease its total real estate footprint and at the same time achieve more meeting space?

What styles and concepts reflect your company’s values and how can they be leveraged to affect business in a positive way?  Your thoughts about architecture, workplace and neighborhood are essential to the collaborative creative process and are what allow you to play a vital role in creating distinctive places and spaces.

Is sustainability an important component of your company’s corporate social responsibility and is it an important factor in the real estate market?

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