Residential Approach

When one considers changing anything that has to do with one’s home, it can often feel like an extremely exciting and overwhelming project.  One must take into consideration the ever-changing nature of life and the real estate market.  Many things are in flux but your relationship with your architect should not be one of them.  Our job is to work as your advocate to achieve your dream home and create a plan that takes you from the initial ideas through final execution.

Spending time with clients to truly understand their current lifestyles as well as the lifestyles they aspire to is the most direct way to achieve an extraordinary home for them.  We truly design and build it together by first exploring the points below:

How do you currently live and what are your current challenges?  What works, what doesn’t work, and how do you aspire to live?

How long do you anticipate living in your home?  Is your project a long-term home, an investment property, or both?

Do you have a realistic budget?  Together we can establish one that prioritizes what is truly most important to you.

Have you carefully considered the costs associated with size and the potential return on investment?  A well-designed home does not need to be large in order to achieve the goal of easy and gracious living.

Do you prefer traditional, modern, or a blend?  Your design preferences are essential to the collaborative creative process and are what allow you achieve a sophisticated home in a style that feels like your own.

Is sustainability important to you, and is it an important factor in the real estate market?

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